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Plan management

Enabled4Life is a registered Plan Management Provider you can nominate to manage your plan and funding through the MyPlace Portal. Make sure you advise your planner that you would like to incorporate plan management support as part of your NDIS plan and your plan will fund this for you

We can:

  1. Coordinate your service agreements for you to assist to enact your plan once it is completed with your NDIS planner
  2. Coordinate service bookings with service providers
  3. Coordinate payments with service providers
  4. Train you in how to manage your plan and the MyPlace Provider Portal

Enabled4Life has specialised software specifically built to manage the NDIS systems We use this system to make it as efficient as possible. If you would like to purchase this software to self-manage your plan then contact us.

What option should you choose?

When it comes to managing your plan you have three options. The NDIA can manage your funds for you. The two other options are self-management and plan management. You can choose one of the three or you can choose a mix of methods.

The benefits for each option are below:

Service provision matrix NDIA
Enabled 4 Life Plan
Free service provision
Access to Registered Providers
Access to Unregistered Providers
Help to find or change providers
Help to make sure all your service agreements are signed
All your payments made for you
All your paperwork kept for you
Help to keep track of your spending
Microsoft Dynamics xRM4NDIS. Software to assist plan management

*Enabled 4 Life is a member of the Association of Certified Bookkeepers.

If you wish to have your plan managed by Enabled 4 Life then contact us.

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